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Meet our

We don't just invest in companies.

We team up with founders.

Grape provides their customers with fully digital employee insurances bundled with healthcare services. Grape is the first employee insurer built around a full-stack technology platform and a relentless focus on serving their members.

Monite lets B2B brands embed new finance automation functions for their clients in 3-4 weeks. Neobanks, vertical SaaS players, or marketplaces with a robust B2B audience can integrate compliant invoicing, payables automation, expense management, and more for their clients. This gives them new revenue channels, boosts customer activation and market differentiation.

Gregory & Fabian

Founders at Grape

Ivan & Andrey

Founders at Monite

Lano helps companies everywhere grow their global teams. They provide all the tools required to hire, manage and pay a remote workforce in one smart platform. With Lano, companies can hire FTEs or freelance contractors in 150+ countries, pay them instantly in 50+ currencies or scale up operations.

Plend is building an open banking-led credit scoring and lending platform that provides affordable credit to consumers via direct, affiliate and embedded channels.

Aurel & Markus

Founders at Lano

Rob & Jamie

Founders at Plend

Pngme enables equal access to finance by making the process of collecting, analyzing, and using financial data by financial institutions frictionless and simple. Banks, FinTechs and credit bureaus use Pngme's platform to create innovative financial products for underserved people.

Divibank is a data-driven financing platform where businesses have access to capital in order to finance their growth via revenue-share/non-dilutive financing.

Lorraine Kageni Maina

CEO at Pngme

Jaime & Rebecca

Founders at Divibank

FirstQuadrant encompasses a complete suite of AI tools for inbound, outbound, and nurturing sales, ensuring a unified approach to relationship management. It handles everything - from sourcing leads or integrating with your CRM, enriching contacts, to converting sales.

DSCVR is the leading SocialFi platform. The platform provides the most comprehensive suite of web3 products and services - all in one place. 

Carlo & Anand

Founders at FirstQuadrant

Rick, Juan & Alex

Founders at DSCVR

These are just some of our 20 portfolio companies

Have we sparked your interest? Do you feel aligned? Then get in touch with us.


Do you invest outside of FinTech?

We pro-actively focus on FinTech. That being said, we do not rule out investing in other areas.

Do you invest in growth companies?

We invest in pre-seed, seed and series A financing rounds.

How do I get
in touch?

The preferred way is via an intro from a common contact (i.e. founder or co-investor). You can also apply via our website.

Are you investing outside of Europe?

We pro-actively focus on Europe, but also invest in other regions of the world. If we invest outside of Europe, than only alongside a strong local partner.

Common Questions

"We received a lot of pro-active support in raising a large financing round. The process was very efficient and allowed us to get back to work on our solution much sooner than we expected."


Founder at Lano

"I appreciate that DD Venture Capital was one of my earliest partners and that they still serve as my sounding board."


Founder at Monite

"The insights of a FinTech focused venture investor are extremely valuable. DD Venture Capital helped us in identifying the right partners before we went live."


Founder at Plend

What they have to say

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